BALTIC PM DAYS-Lietuva 2014

“Baltic PM Days” is a two-day conference for project managers from both private and public sectors, from individual and corporate level, as well as from companies and organizations.

During the conference, speakers from the public and private sectors will present the latest project management initiatives and challenges, which are arising from the implementation of the projects. They will give answers to many questions, such as: How to make the impossible projects possible in certain ways? Where is the boundary between the possible and the impossible? Which competences are playing crucial role in project manager’s daily routine? What kind of lessons learned are changing potential risks to new possibilities?

The conference will also show the progress of Project management theory. Why sometimes real life examples contradict with the theory? How to create the continuity in organizations where are many changes? What is the implementation of projects, which are based on risk and change management?

This Project management conference is based on cooperation between Baltic Sea countries, especially Baltic and Nordic countries. Sponsored area and networking possibilities will give you the clear introduction to project management, which is based on international practice, practical learning experience.

It does not matter which role you are playing in your organization, this event will help you understand why and how project and program management can help you achieve the goals and the best results. This show will be the year’s most important event in Baltic countries.

We hope that this conference, initiated by a variety of project management „ambassadors“, will become a traditional annual event and a constructive discussion forum, which main aims will be – to analyze and propose appropriate methods and models in private and public sectors to increase their efficiency.


Latvijas Nacionālā projektu vadīšanas asociācija
Pulka iela 3/k.11, LV 1007, Rīga